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The small country of Belize is still unknown to many people and for the few individuals who have heard of Belize, they think it’s either another Caribbean island or when they hear it’s in Central America, they assume it’s another Spanish speaking nation – they are wrong. Below you will find the Top 10 Surprising Things about Belize.

The Friendliest People
If you ask anyone who has visited Belize before, everyone will say one of the main highlight was the great hospitality and the friendliness of the people. In short, Belizeans know how to make foreigners feel welcome.

English is the official Language
Belize is a former British colony and through this medium, they have acquired English as its first language. Everywhere you go, you will be able to get by using English.

Most people speak Creole
Even though English is Belize’s official language, most people speak Creole instead. Creole is a dialect and is sometimes described as lazy English. For example, a phrase like ‘What is going on?’ is said “Weh di goan?”

Diverse Cultures
Belize has a small population of approximately 315,000 and depending where you are in Belize, all together you can see various different ethnic groups and hear several different languages. In descending order, the top cultures of Belize are the Mestizo, Creole, Maya, Garifuna, Mennonite, East Indian and Chinese.

Belize uses U.S. Currency
Anywhere you go, you can use U.S. currency instead of Belizean currency. One reason why this might be done is because the U.S. dollar has always been on a fixed rate of 2:1 to the Belize Dollar.

Slow-paced Life
Popularized as everyone being on Belize time, Belize offers visitors a contrast to the rat race of developed countries – a stress free and relaxed way of life. The small island of Caye Caulker even has their official slogan as Go Slow.

Fresh Food is Everywhere
Eating organic fruits and vegetables aren’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. In Belize, there are farmers’ markets everywhere and its common thing for the Lobster you’re having for dinner to have been caught by the morning fisherman.

There's more than just the Caribbean Sea
Many people visit Belize only for the Islands, the Great Blue Hole and Coral Reef but Belize has much more to offer. With over 40 percent of the country’s jungle as protected areas, there are many natural attractions to explore.

The Mayan Heart Land
Belize was once the centre of the Maya Civilization. There are several Ancient Maya Cities & Ceremonial Caves to discover.

Belize is Costa Rica plus
Belize has many things that cannot be found in Costa Rica. The most famous things are the Ancient Maya Cities and Ceremonial Caves, turquoise Caribbean water, a Multi-cultural Society, English as its first language, the Largest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere and The Great Blue Hole.

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