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Behind the scenes  Dorian Nunez’s account of when ABC’s The Bachelor came to film the romance reality series in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After receiving clues that The Bachelor was coming to Belize to film episodes of its famous romance reality series due on ABC in January 2012, the staff at Ambergris Today went into full paparazzi mode. But we know not to bother celebrities too much, because we want them to come back to visit Belize where they generally find solace from the hogging paparazzi in the US or abroad.

We got to know that the BTB and most businesses involved had signed confidentiality agreements to keep things in a hush for the production company. So finding information was like pulling teeth; nobody wanted to spill the beans and we totally understood their positions.

But hey, it is my job to report on what’s happening on Ambergris Caye and this news is great publicity for Belize during and after the filming. So I placed my staff on alert after getting some tips online from US blogs and websites. A major hint was when we managed to catch The Bachelor film crew taking stock video at San Pedro’s Central Park a few days before Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his beauties arrived in Belize.

When Ben and the ladies touched down in Ambergris Caye, it was with the hard work and good efforts of my staff that we were able to get the story. We spread out at three locations where we expected them to cross when exiting the San Pedro airport. Only one post was able to capture all the images we got.

The goal of Ambergris Today is to put Belize out in the international scene and create more publicity/ awareness for our small country. We are always working very hard to keep people informed. Hunting down The Bachelor in Belize was fun!

Dorian Nunez is the owner and editor of Ambergris Today newspaper. Ambergris Today primarily serves the community of San Pedro located in Ambergris Caye, but also features news related to the entire country of Belize. 

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