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Here is a collection of some of my favorite pictures I've downloaded from the Internet. I call this piece: LG's NatGeo pic-ks [ Part 1 ].

These National Geographic photos are absolutely amazing.. I can't imagine the photograher's experience when they were capturing these moments. They did a great job, they are truely the best at what they do. How about you? Can you imagine the spectacular experience. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Gotta have the Majestic Eagle
Sharks!! ..need i say anymore?

That's a small tree..

PETA's looking after you guys:D


He's pissed off! Poor guy, it's hard to be taken serious with those unmanly colors.. lol


Someone needs to tell those guys to get outta there..




think, Harry Potter..

Way north..

Sun, sand & sea

Don't cross him

Good fishing i imagine..

And he's doing the fishing..
                                                                To be continued..


Anonymous said...

Cool blog, nice pictures. I really enjoyed viewing them.

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