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Here is another collection of some of my favorite NatGeo pictures that I've downloaded from the Internet, this time, the difference being that it more involves People. The best name to call this is LG's NatGeo pic-ks [ Part 2 ].. emphasis on the "part 2" lol [ ]

These National Geographic photos are once again absolutely amazing. Exactly like I had said before for part 1, I can't help being amazed with the mystery and excitement that my imagination can whip up when considering how the photographers caught these living memories to be framed for a lifetime.
Once again I am going to ask viewers similar questions as last time. What do you think about these portraits? Did these photographers do a great job? Aren't they truely the best at what they do? And lastly, can any of you imagine the spectacular experience it encompassed capturing and bringing these photos to the world? Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

This is definitely a super cool location for a house, right?

Her work is legendary..

Reminds me of when i was little.. No saddle

Graffiti anyone?

Morocco.. its a beautiful place

Somewhere in Asia i presume..



Yakking near Mt Everest

Haitian girls..

Hunter gathers

Thats a lot of cloth..
Thats a lot of cloth..

Whenever & wherever.. when the time hits, you gotta kneel..

Cute outfit, kid..

High boots, Kid..

I know, only your husband can see your face..

Wild poppy field..

Like father, like sun..

Can i read your palm?

                                                           to be continued


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