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Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed in Belize
Cave Tubing in Belize Rocks!

To the ancient Maya, Caves represented Xibalba - The Underworld. In present day Belize, Cave Tubing represents a fun way to experience Cave exploration in a unique laid back, relaxing way.

Currently, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, the stars of the popular A&E show Gene Simmons Family Jewels are vacationing in Belize and through Shannon's twitter, I tracked them down and got a sweet glimpse of their activities and saw how much they are enjoying their Belize Vacation. 

Shannon is regularly updating her twitter with pictures of herself and Gene having adventure tours. Below you can see one of my favorite pictures so far where Gene is doing a 'rock on' gesture as they are both enjoying Cave Tubing.

Cave Tubing in Belize

As for Gene and Shannon's current location, Shannon's last tweet before posting this blog post said they were currently staying at Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town -  "Ok now I'm really going to bed. Snorkeling tomorrow? Or just snooping around San Pedro on golf carts... "

I found her through my twitter @lrnzG

If you are wondering which adventure activity they will do next? Belize has so many options! Options include Hiking, visiting Mayan Temples, Snorkeling, Diving, Kayaking and the list goes on. 

Make sure to visit Shannon's twitter account for more updates on her and Gene Simmons Belize travels.

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tacogirl said...

Great post- never did manage to cross paths with them while they were here.

Lorenzo said...

You didn't? I heard they stayed at Victoria House and frequented Elvi's Kitchen.

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