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  • Experience Belize Events like a Local

    In Belize, there is no shortage of local events and if any traveller desires to fit in perfectly, they must pass the Eat like a Belize local test. Do you think you can pass it?

    Belize Local Food
  • Battle of the Drums, SERE, DEA & Drug Plane on Southern Highway

    Before arriving Punta Gorda, our bus had an unexpected obstacle which prevented us from reaching our destination, unbelievably; a twin-engine plane was in the middle of the highway. As we were stopped by BDF soldiers, some people more surprised than others came out of the bus to get a better view. Only in Belize many said, which I know is false because it happens all over the world. Only in Belize will Drug smugglers have the balls to land a plane on a major highway, well that sounds more plausible. A lot of speculations have been made concerning the contents of the plane and most interesting but not surprising, the people that were found presumably associated with the incident were customs and police officers. Supposedly 80 bails of Cocaine were also found nearby, when I was in PG, I heard there were 94 bails, I hope the amount doesn't continue to deplete.

    Battle of the Drums, Belize
  • Top 12 Spots In Central America

    I travelled Central America a couple years ago and it was a marvelous unforgettable experience which I can't find enough adjectives to fully describe but I'm absolutely sure I'll forever be thankful for. I did my travels smoothly thanks to the help of Lonely Planet's Central America on a Shoestring Travel Guide and with approximately $800.00 to $1000.00 US dollars. The article, Lonely Planet's Top 10 Spots in Central America is great but since not all the places that I personally loved the best are mentioned in the article, I owe it to myself and everyone to include two more locations which should have also been mentioned. These spots are Caye Caulker, Belize and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Thus, this post will be named Top 12 spots in Central America.

    Caye Caulker Belize
  • Happy New Year Belize. Maya Land Rights Victory 2010

    Some people were not happy with this ruling because they say that it’s not fair to give preferential treatment to the Mayas. Can we really say that they are being given preferential treatment? We are all Belizeans no more than the other but one thing I learned about fairness and equality is that you must treat equal things equally and unequal things unequally. This means, you can’t compare someone who has traditionally grown up owning land collaboratively with someone like myself who grew up in a different system – We must treat unequally things unequally. There is also the claim that they aren’t from Belize, they are foreign Mayas. As far as I know, back then they weren’t any country boundaries. What is now called Belize was one entire land along with all of the Maya inhabited Mesoamerica and just because they went far north or west doesn’t mean they left. Even if that claim is plausible, they are descendants of the native Mayas and for this they should be respected.

    Maya Land Rights Victory
  • Belize: Best Places to Retire Abroad

    Squeezed between Mexico’s Yucatan coast and Guatemala to the south, sparsely populated Belize is a Central American paradise, with tropical jungle flora, endless white beaches, an aquamarine Caribbean sea, some of the world’s best reefs for snorkelers, fishing to die for, Mayan ruins, and even casinos.

    Corozal Belize
  • Prediction time again..

    It is not secret that Belize's strategic position as the bridge to North America has always been a prime location for drug smugglers as they move to their central locations in Northern Mexico. But as the US Govt. and Mexican Federales continue to crack down on the cartels, they are going to continue being pushed down more and more.. unfortunately resulting in Belize becoming one of their retreats. This is something that should already be on the discussion board for the GoB because when it hits, it will hit hard and 'silly' unprepared BDF or the Police won't be able to do anything! Just imagine, the US & MX Govt. can hardly put up a good fight with the Narcos, how will our untrained, unequipped officers?

Photographer Marius Jovaisa has taken special care to capture Belize’s heavenly attributes in detailed aerial photographs which would only be viewed by the country’s most regal bird, the Harpy Eagle.

Picture yourself flying over all of Belize’s spectacular flora and fauna.  Then add undisturbed majestic Maya archaeological sites, pristine Caribbean waters and breathtaking natural landscapes.  That is exactly what Heavenly Belize offers.

I was given the opportunity to examine the Heavenly Belize IPad App as opposed to the actual physical book that I usually browse through at Chaa Creek or San Ignacio Hotel Resort's lounge. The review follows.

September is always a huge month in Belize, with the Battle of St George’s Caye Day on September 10 leading up to the biggest holiday of the year – September 21, Belize Independence Day!

For many of us, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since that long awaited event, and each year the celebrations seem to get bigger as Belizeans from all over the country (and a fair few overseas) take the time out to acknowledge and vigorously celebrate just what a special, unique Caribbean paradise the Jewel has become.

The story of Belizean Independence is as colourful as the country itself, and it’s only fitting this time of year that we briefly recount the many steps leading up to Belize taking her place among the sovereign, independent nations of the world.

Friends at were tasked with following the 2011 Costa Maya pageant ladies 24/7 and came out with some pretty interesting footage of their adventures in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize. The video is made up of a compilation of the highlights of the amazing weekend and luckily, they agreed to feature the video on my blog.

Included are clips of the girl’s grand introduction at Fido’s Courtyard, food splurge at Elvi’s Kitchen famous Mayan Buffet, exploring the Belize Barrier Reef via Discovery Expedition’s Sea Trek, a night of entertainment at Ramon’s Village Noche Tropical, snorkelling expedition by Seaduced at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley with a Caye Caulker stop, and a gaming fiesta at Captain’s Casino located at Captain Morgan’s Retreat.

Where can you find a collection of the finest looking female models in all of Central America in one exciting extravagant weekend celebration?  Look no further than Ambergris Caye, San Pedro – Belize

The owners of The Lodge at Chaa Creek, awarded Belize’s Hotel of the Year for 2010- 2011, said that receiving the prestigious award was a victory not only for their management and their staff, but for environmentally sound practices worldwide.
According to the Belize Tourism Board, “This award recognizes a licensed hotel that offers a gateway to paradise where service exceeds excellence while being engulfed with the positive attitude and attentiveness of staff, offering exceptional value for money, outstanding facilities and amenities, remarkable ambiance, innovation and the ability to provide visitors with a true sample of the Belize brand”.

This is an awesome video... I am Belize, you  are Belize, He is Belize, She is Belize, We are all Belize.

Situated in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Victoria Peak is the second highest mountain in Belize and is within the world famous Maya Mountains.  Hiking Victoria Peak is a not an easy task and through this post, Turtle Inn's human resources manager Kevin Quischan shares his experience.
Kevin and the Turtle Inn Crew

Today, marks the 15th anniversary of one of Belize's first and most popular websites, 

Marty Casado is one of the owners of this website and has been meddling with web development in Belize from the early introduction of internet to this country. 

According to Marty Casado, is the most visited website in Belize, and they are proud to represent San Pedro and Belize on the internet, with 10-15,000 individual viewers per day

To Celebrate their anniversary, has been redesigned!

See below for a glimpse of the new redesigned website or click here to visit Belize's most popular website.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed in Belize
Cave Tubing in Belize Rocks!

To the ancient Maya, Caves represented Xibalba - The Underworld. In present day Belize, Cave Tubing represents a fun way to experience Cave exploration in a unique laid back, relaxing way.

Currently, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, the stars of the popular A&E show Gene Simmons Family Jewels are vacationing in Belize and through Shannon's twitter, I tracked them down and got a sweet glimpse of their activities and saw how much they are enjoying their Belize Vacation. 

Blackbird Caye, Belize. Mike Baird.
Who would have thought it could happen? Belize Tourism Board is finally thinking outside the box! As I read the article explaining the upcoming partnership between MatadorU and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), I couldn't contain my excitement. Belize tourism is finally taking the bull by its horns and instead following old methods of marketing, is attempting new media! This new program will be called the Road Warriors Program and it will basically cover all travel expenses and salaries for top notch bloggers and photographers interested in coming to Belize. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

The full story follows below and it can be found on the Matadornetwork.

How it works
Exceptional graduates from MatadorU's writing and photography programs will travel to Belize for multi-month assignments. There they’ll have all travel expenses paid, plus a salary, in order to establish themselves as writers/photographers in-residence.

Each participant will have an investigative focus area such as Mayan culture, music, diving, or environmental issues, and produce articles and multimedia both for BTB and across Matador channels, as well as for other media outlets.

La Ruta Maya, Burrel Boom Stop 2011

In Belize, there is no shortage of local events and if any traveller desires to fit in perfectly, they must pass the Eat like a Belize local test. Do you think you can pass it?

Every year, La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge takes place for four days  and this year, the canoes left San Ignacio early Friday morning on March 4th and arrived in Belize City on Monday March 7th to commemorate Baron Bliss Day which is on March 9th.

No Lita Di Riva Banner by S.H.J.C. Environmental Club - Joris Groenendaal, Henrik Palmelund & Tressy Castellanos

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton is only a few months away with its due date on Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

The Royal Wedding 2011 of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
The Royal Honeymoon Website

The official Royal Wedding website celebrating the marriage was launched yesterday, 2nd March 2011 by St. James’s Palace.  The website was designed with the help of digital consultancy Reading Room who partnered with Clarence House, Accenture and Google. From its introduction, the website immediately received tremendous amount of worldwide traffic from people who frantically desire information on the Royal Wedding. 

Official wedding information will be regularly updated with exclusive content from now until the wedding day. Stay tuned for videos, photos, features, articles and all the social media buzz that will surround this grand event. 

AND ... What about the Royal Honeymoon? 

BBC Travel has honored Belize by mentioning us in the article, The 5 best getaways for a Royal Honeymoon. An excerpt of the article follows.