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Museum of Drugs - Mexico City

It is not secret that Belize's strategic position as the bridge to North America has always been a prime location for drug smugglers as they move to their central locations in Northern Mexico. But as the US Govt. and Mexican Federales continue to crack down on the cartels, they are going to continue being pushed down more and more.. unfortunately resulting in Belize becoming one of their retreats. This is something that should already be on the discussion board for the GoB because when it hits, it will hit hard and 'silly' unprepared BDF or the Police won't be able to do anything! Just imagine, the US & MX Govt. can hardly put up a good fight with the Narcos, how will our untrained, unequipped officers?

For the future, I predict two things!(As always, I hope I'm wrong.)
1. The Narcos will infiltrate the GoB!(Probably already happening) Some of our politicians are not expensive to buy out and there is also the high probability that politicians themselves are already involved. WE ALL WATCH THE NEWS, we know the most influential people are the ministers, they break and make the laws. LITERALLY!  Here's a good example that seemed very, very, very 'fishy' And it went uninvestigated.
2. We will have more SEVERE violence. Imagine we heard over the news that the 72 dead immigrants found in Tamaulipas last week, were instead found on Belizean soil.. Except they would be Belizeans.. How would that sound? That and worst is what's coming up for the Jewel.. Let's be prepared.  

This is in response to the Channel5 article: Crime wave hits Cancun; eight killed in bombing. Is it moving dangerously close to home? 



Anonymous said...

Firstly, if the Narcos decide to base their activities in Belize they would still have to go through Mexico regardless. Let's not forget the ultimate destination is still further north. If the US and Mexico manage to get control of what is going on in Mexico I believe the Narcos will have to look for a different route to the North.

Also some of the Narco activity is already prevalent in the country of Guatemala and to put it bluntly, the Gov. there is incapable of keeping law and order of any kind under control. Your hypothesis is probable but it would not be the first one I would test.

Lorenzo said...

Thank you for your comment, your point is well established.
Yes, i simply concluded that they would use Belize as a retreat, safer grounds where they would brainstorm their masterplans.. The final destination never seizes to be the USA.
Belize has the sea, and our Govt. doesn't have the near resource capacity to even attempt to stop Narcos. We only hear rumors about the high tech, high speed Columbian cartel boats the zoom pass our CoastGuard.. they have no chance in hell of doing anything..

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