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Over the weekend my e-mail and facebook account were hacked. Supposedly it was some Russian guy who was trying to take advantage of my good looks and extensive network of friends; he was soliciting naked pictures from as many girls he could chat with. (haha)
Below are the instructions on how to recover Windows Live ID/ Hotmail – Msn – Live, once recovering my msn, I was able to ask Facebook for a password reset and I got my account back. If anyone of you guys gets hacked on Google mail, the same procedure may be used, except instead you ask Google support of course. 
Go to and on the top of the page you will see Windows Live ID -
ForumsSolutions. Click on Solutions and you will enter the next step. On the new page you will see a list of options and the best solution for your problem is Account Compromise - Unauthorized Account Access.

The next page will give you three options:
1.       Secret Answer – Try answering your secret question: go here.
2.       Your alternate e-mail address – Try sending a password reset to your alternate e-mail here. If available select the "Send my reset information to me in e-mail" option.
3.       Windows Live Validation – If you can’t sign in or reset your password, go to the Windows Live Validation page, and submit the requested information. 

Since the person who hacked my account was really good, they had already changed my secret question and changed my alternate e-mail address. My last resort was doing the Windows Live Validation. After clicking on Windows Live Validation, on the next page you click continue which will take you to a set of instructions. After reading the instruction, click continue to enter another page where you type in an uncompromised personal e-mail and click continue. On the next page, enter the name of the account you are trying to recover. Now you are on your last step, fill out the form with all the necessary answers and press send, a Windows live representative will contact you within 24 hours letting you know if you passed the validation test. If you pass the test, you will be provided with a link to your direct e-mail account where you will be able to change all your account information. Make sure you change your alternate e-mail immediately; the hacker might have switched it to one of his and can retrieve your e-mail once again.
Hope all goes well, Godspeed.


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