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Personally, other than an occasional 'scolding' by ubiquitous traffic officers, I have never received a parking violation ticket in my town(or anywhere) but I have witnessed many other people with minor 'slip-ups' get charged traffic violation fees because they weren't of enough important stature. 
This week I'm doing a extremely short blog post, I will just put up pictures for you guys to make your conclusions; but not without beforehand giving a hint. This minister was paying the Cayo district a visit from the south.. and of course he could never get into any trouble - Belize's usual modus operandi. 

Between Traffic Cones
visible back cone
Minister parking only! sign
I apologize if the pictures aren't too great, I took them with my phone. I need to upgrade to a phone with more mega pixels, so i can take tastier pictures.


Julia said...

It's true that only the poor pay because they are afraid of other penalties if they don't...
Rich people usually have lawyers that handle their traffic violation and in most of these cases they are able to dismiss over 50% of their bosses' tickets.

I have a friend that was able to dismiss many careless driving Toronto violations with the help of a's true that this method is not very cheap but he kept his license intact:)

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