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Photographer Marius Jovaisa has taken special care to capture Belize’s heavenly attributes in detailed aerial photographs which would only be viewed by the country’s most regal bird, the Harpy Eagle.

Picture yourself flying over all of Belize’s spectacular flora and fauna.  Then add undisturbed majestic Maya archaeological sites, pristine Caribbean waters and breathtaking natural landscapes.  That is exactly what Heavenly Belize offers.

I was given the opportunity to examine the Heavenly Belize IPad App as opposed to the actual physical book that I usually browse through at Chaa Creek or San Ignacio Hotel Resort's lounge. The review follows.

My Favorite Part
I have never been satisfied with seeing nature via photographs.  I would always see pictures of spectacular panoramas or wildlife and wouldn’t be impressed as it never did the entities real justice.  Browsing through Heavenly Belize inspired another sense of contemplation as I saw from above the picture of a flock of Scarlet Macaws deep in the Chiquibul forest.  Overwhelmed – I could do nothing but long to have been in that moment.  Similar emotions were shared when I saw Cayo District’s Xunantunich, my favorite Maya archaeological temple and the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Great Blue Hole. I also enjoyed the awesome Fly Over feature which makes you imagine how it would be like if you were there soaring like a Harpy Eagle!

My Least Favorite Part
I believe no review can be objective if a least favorite part isn’t mentioned. I must admit that I don’t in fact dislike anything about Heavenly Belize but my least favorite part was the people’s portraits. Maybe it’s just me but I felt like the format in which the cultures were featured didn’t really bring out much of the quality of the people. Belize is a too much of a colorful country to have plain white backgrounds. Perhaps photos with landscape backgrounds would have been more extraordinary, for example the man with dreadlocks steering his boat with the backdrop of Caye Caulker would have been keener to my eyes.

In The End
I have seen this book at many resorts throughout Belize and it is usually displayed in the lobby/ gathering area on center tables where tourists regularly browse through its uniqueness.  For the traveler who wants to take home these memorable pictures or anyone who enjoys aerial photography, the IPhone and IPad app are just perfect.  No doubt it was a needed product and it definitely is a masterpiece that details Belize at its best.  My final comment is leaving photographer Marius Jovaisa with this last remark: “Belize is so beautiful and seen from above adds to its grandeur, on your next assignment, please take me with you.

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