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Today, marks the 15th anniversary of one of Belize's first and most popular websites, 

Marty Casado is one of the owners of this website and has been meddling with web development in Belize from the early introduction of internet to this country. 

According to Marty Casado, is the most visited website in Belize, and they are proud to represent San Pedro and Belize on the internet, with 10-15,000 individual viewers per day

To Celebrate their anniversary, has been redesigned!

See below for a glimpse of the new redesigned website or click here to visit Belize's most popular website.

Wait, the celebration isn't over yet.  Apart from redesigning the website in honor of the 15th anniversary, a flashback to the original 1996 was also created. 

Go to to see how the website first appeared.

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