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Situated in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Victoria Peak is the second highest mountain in Belize and is within the world famous Maya Mountains.  Hiking Victoria Peak is a not an easy task and through this post, Turtle Inn's human resources manager Kevin Quischan shares his experience.
Kevin and the Turtle Inn Crew

Kevin Quischan - "Little did our crew know that the hike was extremely strenuous."

For the first day, most of us hiked with all of our luggage: backpacks, camelbaks, tents, machetes, and binoculars. Unbelievably, by KM 4, my weak limps were already giving in. Individuals who had chosen to send their luggage with the available ATV had made a good choice! Since I had chosen to carry my luggage, I had to carry my load to a thatched cabana at KM 12. At the cabana, our crew rested for 30 minutes and then headed off to KM 19 where we arrived at dusk, tired, battered and cramping.

We went swimming at the nearby creek, set up our tents, and started a BBQ which was our designated dinner. The next morning, by 4AM our tour guide woke us up and we had beans and flour tortilla for a hearty local breakfast. We then refilled out water bottles and headed off for the last 8 KM before reaching the Peak. After 3 hours of steep hiking, we conquered Victoria Peak, logged our names in the book and rested for a while.

We then hiked to KM 19 and later to KM 12, where we were picked up by an ATV which returned us to ground zero. By the end of the day everybody was extremely tired and needed plenty rest. Our journey was over, what an incredible hike!

Must have things to complete the task
1. $700.00 for group tour
2. $30.00 each for camping permits
3. An extra water bottle
4. Repellent ( for mosquito, ticks)
5. Tent or hammock
6. Rations (ramen, bread, oats, etc.)
7. Water proof bag, flash light, lighter
8. Optional $50.00 for ATV luggage carrying assistance

Kevin Quischan is Traveler, Writer, Artist and Photographer. 
He blogs at BelizeMyTravels and can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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