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Jul 13, 2010

Spain - World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 was an exciting competition that captivated audiences from all around the globe. The passion for football can be witnessed throughout the entire month long period, as the internet booms with searches for news, websites, and blogs that commentate on the particular topic.

For the final match, Spain vs Holland an estimated 700 million people tuned in live to see who would be the next World Cup champions. The match was no disappointment, all throughout the first and second half everyone was on their toes praying their teams would score the winning goal. Fortunately, in overtime, in the 116th minute Andres Iniesta lifted Spain from 0 – 0 to a 1 – 0 lead making fans from around the world jump in excitement.

Casillas, Spain’s goal keeper that had performed extraordinary weep in joy as he celebrated the last minute goal –his hard work had paid off. Casillas must be acknowledged, he brilliantly stopped various advances from the Dutch as they zoomed in for goals.

I personally followed Spain as my favourite team all throughout the World Cup matches and watched with excitement as they claimed the victory over Holland. It was a tough match, the Dutch played a good game, numerous yellow cards were given and the red card that reduced them to 10 men by the expulsion of defender Johnny Heitinga definitely gave Spain an advantage. In the end, I didn’t win any major bets or won a date with Casillas beautiful girlfriend, but I am glad that I got to enjoy “La Furia Roja” at its best and shared the passion for the World Cup with others from around the world.

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Sara Carbonero


Anonymous said...

love it! my favorite time of 2010!

Lorenzo said...

It was definitely a great Summer experience:)

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